TVRA 3871 Calendar

W Date Lecture Film Lab HW
1 8.29 Syllabus. Course Requirements. Explanation of assignments.

Character Exercise (19 essential shots) assigned and explained.

La Jetee  
  9.5 NO CLASS
2 9.12 Cinematography. Lens Grammar. Camera Movement.

FEMO equation.

Caroline FEMO in-class shooting exercise. SH&SH Ch. 3

Image Control and Camera work. Character Exercise

3 9.19 Directing and Producing Fiction

All phases of production. Production Roles.

Curfew FCP Introduction. Basic Editing. In-class editing exercise SH&SH Ch. 1
4 9.26 FCP workflow. Basic Editing. Incident by the Bank


Somos Cuba editing workshop SH&SH Ch. 9


5 10.3 FCP Image Manipulation & Basic Color Correction. Spider Somos Cuba editing workshop  
6 10.10 Somos Cuba editing exercise screening and discussion. Sound Recording FCP Quiz Their First Time;
Sam’s Film
Sound Recording in-class exercise Dramatic Portrait Pitch

FCP Quiz

7 10.17 Sound Design   Sound Design in class workshop SH&SH Ch. 5
8 10.24 Directing and Producing Non Fiction. 6 modes of Documentary. Final Project is assigned and explained. Multiple clips  In class interview The Art of Interview. SH&SH Ch. 7-8

Dejeuner du Matin Midterm due

9 10.31 Artistic Vision and Voice Grad. Dram Portraits Screening & Discussion Interview
SH&SH Ch. 6
10 11.7 Budget and Schedule

Production Quiz

Grad. Dram Portraits Screening & Discussion B-roll & Cut Aways
SH&SH Ch. 2
11 11.14 Directing Techniques Tracing Addai Screening & Discussion Vérité 1
12 11.21 Digital Distribution. Strange Love Affair with Ego Screening & Discussion Vérité 2
13 12.5 Post Production Image   Final Projects workshop FP Rough Cut
14 12.12 Post Production Sound   Final Projects workshop FP Fine Cut
15 12.19 Final Exam – Final Projects Screening and Discussion