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Giselle Zempoaltecatl

The key of the film is that technology platforms are designing an addiction and manipulation based environment meant to separate our realities for the sole purpose of profit.


The image above conveys the key through the use of an ECU to show not only the divide and individual manipulation but the scale at which it’s affecting society. Through the ECU you can also see that each AI is meant to look like the inside of a USB port which provides a visual presentation of the behind-the-scenes technology that we can’t see or begin to understand.

Giselle Zempoaltecatl


I chose this picture because it not only represents the physical abuse that Issa suffered at the hands of the police but it is also the moment where physiologically, Chris tries to put the blame on Isaa for everything that’s happened to him.

This second picture is the last scene of the film, where this war between the police and the oppressed has come to a standstill. It becomes the embodiment of a fight that has been long in the making for Issa and his people.