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Keyshawn Seymour, The Social Dilemma Key Assignment

The key to the film is that in the internet age, everyone is being isolated and manipulated by this omnipresent figure of social media.

The medium shot used for the portrait of Tristan conveys the key because it forces the focus on him while making everything in the background irrelevant, the speakers express that this is the effect of social media on the world. Their backgrounds being blurred out is important because of the idea that social media and the instant inclusion it provides causes users to tune out the regular world and live in one that is occupied by only our thoughts alone.


Keyshawn LesMis

The image of Issa with the molotov represents the key because it’s the retaliation of all the trauma not only put on him but everyone that lived in the projects. Issa is now the aggressor after being beaten for the entire movie.

The image of Salah offering up himself represents the key because it shows the power of peaceful protest. He disarms Chris and for the first time in the movie he’s unable to control a situation. Them being at eye level also emphasizes their equality.