I. Using footage provided, create promotional video for Vladimir’s restaurant Somos Cuba. Please note, I added a video Havana Views.

The video should be no longer than 1 min.

It should have:

  • music you have chosen
  • 10 shots 15 frames each
  • 5 shots, each 1 sec. long, with dissolves (Command D is default tradition)
  • Vladimir or Yasmani introducing the restaurant with good sound and music playing underneath
  • 1 shot slowed down to 50%
  • 1 shot sped up to 200%
  • it should make sense

After you finish, export the video from Premiere and upload it into Somos Cuba Video folder on our Goggle Drive. When exporting, choose FORMAT: H.264, Medium Bitrate.

II. Create a Video Postcard in the theme of Body. Try to incorporate all FEMO principles. It should be 1 shot, but you should move the camera (smoothly)  to show several close ups, and it should make sense and ideally tell a little story, similar to what Humza showed in class. When finished, upload to the BODY VP folder on our drive.