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SEPTEMBER 15 Les Misérables Hassane Soumahoro


What this whole movie is about, is a revolution and how Issa clearly does not feel safe around cops. In fact, the cops have been abusing their power the whole movie. This photo shows disobedience on every level, cops abusing their power disobeying their code, and Issa disobeying the cops.

Keyshawn LesMis

The image of Issa with the molotov represents the key because it’s the retaliation of all the trauma not only put on him but everyone that lived in the projects. Issa is now the aggressor after being beaten for the entire movie.

The image of Salah offering up himself represents the key because it shows the power of peaceful protest. He disarms Chris and for the first time in the movie he’s unable to control a situation. Them being at eye level also emphasizes their equality.

Giselle Zempoaltecatl


I chose this picture because it not only represents the physical abuse that Issa suffered at the hands of the police but it is also the moment where physiologically, Chris tries to put the blame on Isaa for everything that’s happened to him.

This second picture is the last scene of the film, where this war between the police and the oppressed has come to a standstill. It becomes the embodiment of a fight that has been long in the making for Issa and his people.

Brian Caba

1.) Issa is caught by Chris who continues to act extremely aggressive towards him. The aftermath is what also contributes to Issa rebelling back.

2.) Issa face shows he is no longer tolerating the behavior from the cops and took matter into his own hands. He also kick starts this long awaited fight.


(1) The first picture I chose is of Ruiz pointing a gun at Issa. It represents police using violence against young people and Ruiz specifically being hesitant.

(2) The second picture I chose is of Chris and Ruiz chasing Issa. It represents how two grown men who are officers. attacking someone young, vulnerable, and physically smaller.

due September 15

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Formulate what is the  the “key” of the movie. (What is it UNIQUELY about?) Take 1-2 screen shots (or pix with your phone) of film stills that you believe represent visually the “key” of the movie. Post your key and explain in 1-2 sentences why this image (or these images) represent it. 

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