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Hassane Soumahoro Social Dilemma

October 6
What the producers wanted to convey is, something needs to change. At this point of the movie, one of Google’s top workers created a presentation, and it had the stem, but nothing happened. This just shows that these companies are aware they just do not care

Brian Caba, Social Dilemma key

The key of the film is to bring awareness of the lack of real control we actually have in our life due to how these different companies and designers build their platforms. We mindlessly consume this information to the point that it becomes our own reality.

The image I choose is a medium two-shot, as well as a profile shot. You can see Ben giving a more serious look towards the other man, almost kind of like he’s trying to analyze him. Meanwhile the man on the right has more of a smile and relaxed look as if he already knows him.

Giselle Zempoaltecatl

The key of the film is that technology platforms are designing an addiction and manipulation based environment meant to separate our realities for the sole purpose of profit.


The image above conveys the key through the use of an ECU to show not only the divide and individual manipulation but the scale at which it’s affecting society. Through the ECU you can also see that each AI is meant to look like the inside of a USB port which provides a visual presentation of the behind-the-scenes technology that we can’t see or begin to understand.

Keyshawn Seymour, The Social Dilemma Key Assignment

The key to the film is that in the internet age, everyone is being isolated and manipulated by this omnipresent figure of social media.

The medium shot used for the portrait of Tristan conveys the key because it forces the focus on him while making everything in the background irrelevant, the speakers express that this is the effect of social media on the world. Their backgrounds being blurred out is important because of the idea that social media and the instant inclusion it provides causes users to tune out the regular world and live in one that is occupied by only our thoughts alone.


Humza The Social Dilemma

The Key is that social media has caused corporations to treat humans like they are just tools for collecting data and creating virtual traffic.

This image conveys such because through a close-up shot, we can see the boy crying about being treated like a number, not a person. The close-up shot also allows us to see the virtual images behind him containing a virtual social media feed.

due October 6

I. Watch Social Dilemma. Post a few sentences about its “Key” and find an image that conveys it visually. Insert the image into the post.

II. Download media for Andrea Dezso project and start editing it. It should be no longer than 3 minute and must make sense (tell a story).


Import all media. (command I) Chose EDITING as your mode on the top.

First, edit the interview, cutting out anything you don’t need. It’s called a’ radio edit,’ meaning if you don’t see the picture of should work well.  You can do it on Timeline using blade tool, or first select the buts you want (by assigning IN and OUT) and them dropping it on the Timeline (using comma ‘insert’ or period  ‘overwrite’)

Then start building B-roll – visuals that illustrate her words. Place it on the second track by moving V1 to track 2 in Timeline video, so that comma and period work. To place just video with no audio, make sure SOURCE AUDIO is deselected. Or assign SOURCE audio next to a free track ( A2) and type period to drop the file non destructively. Then lower the volume of the b-roll.

Save your questions for the class. It will be easy for me to answer them, in bulk. We’ll have ‘workshop’ time.

The interview sound is not good. You will need to apply an audio effect. Click on the file to select it. Click Effects on the top menu. Open Audio Effects by clicking on the little triangle. Open Noise Reduction/Restoration. Select DeNoise and drag it onto the file on the Timeline. It sounds a little better, right?

You must use trimming options you learned: rolling, ripple and slip.

We’ll have a workshop next class. It will probably take you a few weeks to make a professional grade edit, don’t worry, do the best you can.