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due October 3

I. If you can, stop by the lab and work on the movie video, as I call them – (a blend between a music video and a short movie) about Vladimir and his restaurant Somos Cuba. We will continue working on it during the next class, it is due in the end of the next class. Here are the requirements:

  1. It should 90 sec – 2 min. long
  2. You can use provided music or pick your own, or create a soundscape blending diegetic sounds and sound effects.
  3. The cut should have at least 5 seconds of 10 shots 15 frames long
  4. The cut should have at least 3 seconds of 9 shots 10 frames long
  5. The cut should have at least one shot slowed down to 50% and one shot sped up to 200%
  6. The cut should tell a story and elicit emotion

II. Bring a script or a treatment (police report) of your interpretation of the poem. We will workshop them in class.

due September 26

Adapt and direct a poem in one of the following styles. Due October 24.


Next class, you will present a clip from the movie you have watched and analyzed, defend why, you think, it is of a particular style, pitch your idea of adapting the poem for feedback. Feel free to support it it with some images from internet.



Classic Continuity

Examples: Un Prophet, The Departed

Tripod: Yes or controlled HH

Editing: Linear (Establishing WS -> CU) , a scene is well covered in a variety of shots

Lighting: natural and not

Conscious of form: no, attention is on storytelling, very clear


Naturalistic, Vérité

Examples: Cassavettes’ films, (Woman Under the Influence), Birdman, American Honey

Tripod: No

Editing: Linear, long takes preferred, following the actor

Lighting: natural and not

Conscious of form: no


(Neo) Noir

Examples: Mulholland Drive, Drive, Blade Runner, Brick

Tripod: Yes

Editing: Montage, very slow, tone and mood are a priority

Lighting: low key, chiaroscuro, highly stylized

Conscious of form: yes


Dogme-95 (anti-continuity)

Examples: Festen, Dogville, Dancer in the Dark

Tripod: No

Editing: montage, jump cuts, breaking all rules (180º, cut on action, dialogue editing)

Lighting: natural and not

Conscious of form: yes

Usually good at conveying nervousness, anxiety



Examples: Revenant, Virgin Suicide, Tree of Life


Editing: montage, but emotional, not coverage

Lighting: elaborate or natural, usually around “golden hour;” typically outdoors, often abstract

Conscious of form: yes







due September 19

Make another video (or still) essay, REALLY TRYING to adhere to FEMO principles and create cinematic frames with depth and emotional pull. The theme is ‘chase,’ it can be anything from running around for nothing to a deliberate structured chasing. You are free to create a personal essay. This is a Visual Language exercise. No text, music is ok.

FEMO video:

Keep reading SH&SH, chapters 1 and 3.

due September 12

Read Chapter 1 of Shut Up and Shoot.

Production Exercise 1. Self-Portrait.

Make a slide show with stills or a video.
Why are you here? Tell us a (classic continuity) story about your day or create a portrait (montage) of things you do using 19 shots at least once.
Record Voice Over and lay it undertone images. You may use music for rhythm or ambiance, but it has to be much quieter than the voice over narration. Those who are working with stills do not have to use short with camera movement (pan, track etc). The video should not be longer than 3 min.

You can find examples of shots that I showed in class here: