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Brian Caba, Social Dilemma key

The key of the film is to bring awareness of the lack of real control we actually have in our life due to how these different companies and designers build their platforms. We mindlessly consume this information to the point that it becomes our own reality.

The image I choose is a medium two-shot, as well as a profile shot. You can see Ben giving a more serious look towards the other man, almost kind of like he’s trying to analyze him. Meanwhile the man on the right has more of a smile and relaxed look as if he already knows him.

Brian Caba

1.) Issa is caught by Chris who continues to act extremely aggressive towards him. The aftermath is what also contributes to Issa rebelling back.

2.) Issa face shows he is no longer tolerating the behavior from the cops and took matter into his own hands. He also kick starts this long awaited fight.