W Date Lecture Film Lab HW
1 9.1 Syllabus. Course Requirements. Explanation of assignments. Lens Language Overview.

Story Lecture + Video. Character Exercise (19 essential shots) assigned and explained.

Student films from last semester.

2 9.8 Cinematography. Camera Movement. FEMO equation. Caroline Character Ex discussion SH&SH Ch. 3 & 6

Image Control and Camera work. Character Exercise

3 9.15 Character Ex. Screening & Discussion

Adobe Premiere workflow.

Introduction to Editing.

Spider In-class editing exercise Long Take Ex. SH&SH Ch. 1
4 9.22 Adobe Premiere.

Editing Techniques.

Wasp Somos Cuba editing workshop Long Still Ex.

SH&SH Ch. 9

5 10.6 Somos Cuba Screening & Discussion. Image Manipulation & Basic Color Correction. Against the Current Somos Cuba editing workshop – Color Correction, Effects Somos Cuba Ex.
6 10.13 Artistic Vision and Voice.

Directing Styles Lecture

Excerpts from films Motion Graphics Editing Workshop
7 10.20 Presentations Kate’s film


Motion Graphics Editing Workshop Directing Styles PP
8 10.27 Midterms Screening Midterm due
9 11.3 The Art of Interview.


Excerpts from docs Midterm Workshop

Motion Graphics.


SH&SH Ch. 7 & 8

Motion Ex.

10 11.10 Sound Recording in fiction films Sound Design Workshop Interview
11 11.17 Final Project is assigned and explained. Budget & Schedule

Production Quiz



Final project Idea Workshop SH&SH Ch. 5Sound Design Ex.
12 11.24 Final Project Pitch with LookBook. Crew Assignment SH&SH Ch. 1, 2
13 12.1 Post Production: Image, Sound, Titles and Graphics Final Projects workshop SH&SH Ch. 9

FP Rough Cut

14 12.8 Distribution and Marketing Final Projects workshop FP Fine Cut
15 12.15 Final Exam – Final Projects Screening and Discussion