I. If you can, stop by the lab and work on the movie video, as I call them – (a blend between a music video and a short movie) about Vladimir and his restaurant Somos Cuba. We will continue working on it during the next class, it is due in the end of the next class. Here are the requirements:

  1. It should 90 sec – 2 min. long
  2. You can use provided music or pick your own, or create a soundscape blending diegetic sounds and sound effects.
  3. The cut should have at least 5 seconds of 10 shots 15 frames long
  4. The cut should have at least 3 seconds of 9 shots 10 frames long
  5. The cut should have at least one shot slowed down to 50% and one shot sped up to 200%
  6. The cut should tell a story and elicit emotion

II. Bring a script or a treatment (police report) of your interpretation of the poem. We will workshop them in class.