Adapt and direct a poem in one of the following styles. Due October 24.


Next class, you will present a clip from the movie you have watched and analyzed, defend why, you think, it is of a particular style, pitch your idea of adapting the poem for feedback. Feel free to support it it with some images from internet.



Classic Continuity

Examples: Un Prophet, The Departed

Tripod: Yes or controlled HH

Editing: Linear (Establishing WS -> CU) , a scene is well covered in a variety of shots

Lighting: natural and not

Conscious of form: no, attention is on storytelling, very clear


Naturalistic, Vérité

Examples: Cassavettes’ films, (Woman Under the Influence), Birdman, American Honey

Tripod: No

Editing: Linear, long takes preferred, following the actor

Lighting: natural and not

Conscious of form: no


(Neo) Noir

Examples: Mulholland Drive, Drive, Blade Runner, Brick

Tripod: Yes

Editing: Montage, very slow, tone and mood are a priority

Lighting: low key, chiaroscuro, highly stylized

Conscious of form: yes


Dogme-95 (anti-continuity)

Examples: Festen, Dogville, Dancer in the Dark

Tripod: No

Editing: montage, jump cuts, breaking all rules (180º, cut on action, dialogue editing)

Lighting: natural and not

Conscious of form: yes

Usually good at conveying nervousness, anxiety



Examples: Revenant, Virgin Suicide, Tree of Life


Editing: montage, but emotional, not coverage

Lighting: elaborate or natural, usually around “golden hour;” typically outdoors, often abstract

Conscious of form: yes