A Strange Love Affair with Ego – Jamilah 4/17

Key: 3 ego-centric women engage in various kinds of narcism. Flowing from seeking validation from friends and family to finding internal acceptance from childhood to adulthood, we spy on the internal battles these women face as they engage in a love affair with themselves.

A Strange Love Affair with Ego ventures through the different levels of performance art and the performances of self we do to maintain some kind of importance. Once said in the film, we take on “a grandiose position to control our dream[s]” in order to maintain what we feel is some kind of sense of self, but the film challenges that idea with these different levels of narcism. From the dramatic to the most mundane, we are offered glimpses of things we may do everyday juxtaposed with acts we may have never even thought of all being labeled as a form of self-love. The films score added the dramatic element when otherwise what we were watching screen may have made no sense to the overall theme. Heavily observational, we were able to feel like we were learning about worlds we never would have the chance to learn about. The quick and abrupt messages across the screen narrating Ester’s relationship with her sister and sister’s ultimate death read like either a personal essay or diary entries – furthering the idea that we lurking on someone else’s world.

Lois – A Strange Love Affair with Ego – due 4/18

Key: By overly making up, staying long in the water-filled bathtub, dressing up histrionically, nude self-admiration, among others, G. Geisha and co. portray their narcissisctic personalities to create a space for those who want to escape from normative realities.


Brandon – 4/18 – A Strange Love Affair With Ego

Key: Chic, artsy women are profiled across the urban locales of London, New York, Los Angeles, and the quiet backdrop of Sweden to meditate on ego and narcissism.


Performance of the self. Self-love, confidence, narcissism. As it is said in the film, the injured narcissist responds to hurt with compensation through an exaggerated sense of self-importance. In A Strange Love Affair with Ego, the documentary, half-performance art and half character study, delves into the differing types of ego exhibited across different subjects. I appreciated the observatory approach to the three characters throughout the documentary, as it allowed me to spend time with each individual on an intimate level to see how each of them displayed narcissistic behavior. The various interviews with the pretty-hipster types during the Ggeisha segment was a nice touch to flesh out the docs overall theme. Ggeisha, VIviana Sciara, and Renee Van Trier are all varying discourses on what it means to hold down an inflated ego. Outside the observational approach, the interview aspects from Ggeisha (her monologue) and Van Trier characterized them further by giving insight into what goes on in their heads (Ggeisha with her grandiose thoughts of her put on persona, and Van Trier’s desire to share whatever it was she was engaging in at home). All in all, the film adeptly studies the ego through these various artsy women.

Dark Days – 3/28/2019

Key: Down and out homeless people survive in squalor in a dark, dirty, and forgotten New York Amtrak tunnel, building a small community in the process.


Dark Days is a rather heavy look into the homeless’ lives in New York City. Shot in 16mm black and white stock (not so much as aesthetic choice as a functional one), the documentary succeeds in capturing not just the grimy lifestyle of these individuals, but the hard grime of a metropolis like New York City. Besides the 16mm camera, the most compelling aspects of the doc were its various subjects, those that, despite their lifestyle, felt very charismatic (Ralph, Greg, etc.). These people are making do with the best that they have, however little that is. I felt the film was really about people reaping what they sewed from the decisions they had made thus far in their lives, particularly the decision to use crack. Dee remarks about the many regrets she had over the decisions she made, and Ralph echoed the same sentiments (how crack messed him up very, very much). In a way, it’s a PSA to stay off drugs. Ralph, at the end of the doc, notes that holding down an apartment is an amazing feeling, and that he won’t go back to his older lifestyle. Redemption. Second chances at better decisions.

due March 19

Re-edits of Jaelyn’s web series. Posters and portraits for 1/2 credit. We’ll look at websites and will start learning AfterEffects.

due March 28 (DOC)

Brandon, Zach, Jamila, Bia, Jill and Lois watch Marc Singer’s  “Dark Days” and post about it like we have been doing. You can find it on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Bring your Producing Dossiers with proposals, lookbooks, location pictures. We will discuss your production plans, dates, budget, crew etc.

due March 21 (MFA class)

Jon, Jeniffer and Sam, bring your Producing Dossiers  with script, broken down (like we did last semester) for production and for directing actors; Lookbook, location pictures. We will discuss your production plans, dates budget crew etc. Also be ready to talk about you MFA Thesis productions. Be ready to pitch at least one idea.

In addition to LookBook you must submit a Genre Exercises. Find a film of similar genre and aesthetics and describe why it is working, what its key is, how it “shows” it. Describe casting, acting, mise-en-scene, image system, camera movement, camera frame, editing style, location choices, sound and color design. Bring lots of pictures and clips to show and discuss in class. Make it as detailed as possible, since it’s your only homework, and you’ll have the following week off.

due March 14

Work on your scenes. Deconstruct, find beats and action verbs. Be ready to perform in class. No film posts this week.


due March 12

  1. Re-deit a sequence or a scene from Jhaelyn’s web series.
  2. Retouching the portrait. Work on a portrait using the following tools in Photoshop: Curves, Masks, Clone, Liquify. Submit in class both before and after versions.

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