West Pier

Translated from the French by Marion Schoevaert and Theresa Weber

With the support of Etant Donnés, The French-American Fund for the Performing Arts.
Commissioned by In Parentheses for the Koltes Festival in New York, 2003.

“new American translation of the play, so Koltes now sounds like Dante speaking in the voice of Sam Sheppard”
D.J. R. Bruckner, New York Times, May 21, 2003

directed by Marion Schoevaert, was first premiered in June/July 1999 in Brooklyn, at the Hunts Point Theater in the Bronx and at the Ohio Theater in Manhattan. There were two public readings: in March 1996 at the Miranda Theater and in May 1999 at the Film Archives in New York. WEST PIER was directed by Jay Scheib at the Ohio Theater for the Koltes New York Festival. www.koltesny.com