Red Devils

Red Devils – 붉은 악마

Created in 2009 at KNUA (Korean National University of Art), Seoul, South Korea

Red devils is a new theatrical creation in the style of North Korean mass dance, to study the group culture in societies of control. The juxtaposition of North and South tableaux will create a duality provoking some laughter and questioning: what do we have in common? What are the similitude between the beautiful propaganda poster of young communist school girls, with arms raised in unison, smiling together with a slogan “We are happy”-and a line of smiling Department Store welcoming girls, selling “sex for sale 50%Off”.

Directed by Marion Schoevaert; Choreographed by Park JunMi; Music by Kim Dong Kun, Kim Ahram (conductor)(Music from Sea of Blood from North Korea)
Video by Son Jae Lin, Im Sae OnChae Tae Un, Goag HoJung ; Costumes Kim Sul Gi, Set design by Un Bora; North Korean Painter Sun Mu,
2 orchestras: a Western Orchestra and Korean traditional music orchestra; 5 writers; 3 producers; 24 actors/dancers; 2 singers; 20 stage hands

Red Devils – 붉은 악마