Inspired by the Jérôme Kerviel scandal in France, Bernard Madoff in New York, and Sung Wan-Jong in Seoul, the choreography will put into movements these fallen man-god, their rise and their crash in the arena of power using bullfighting and shamanism in a sacrificial and a purifying ritual, led by two “shaman-matador”.

We collide the stakes of bullfighting with that of fast stock market competition, high frequency trading with shamanic trance, the crash with the collapse of the bull. The text (written by Violaine Schwartz) will fly without any time zone from one language to the other (French, Korean and English) and will be organized in rhythmic grids, accompanied by a Korean drum (changu). This text will be the music of frenzy stock market and will counterpoint dances inspired by Korean Salpuris or bullfighting. A performance where ancient myths feed the myths of today.