Korean People

The Korean People
By Michel Vinaver. In Korean. Co-directed with Byun Jung Joo. Produced by Wuturi Players. Based on propaganda posters from the Korean war and ritual for the dead. Live music. At SeongNam Arts Center. Tour at Scene Nationale Evreux-France March 2008
and Theatre Dijon Bourgogne, Theatre en May Festival 2009.

After an American bombardment, everything is destroyed in the North Korean small village of Yu-Won, life is disrupted and the loved ones are dead. The village stands up, and starts living again. Not far, in the forest, five French U.N. soldiers are lost. A young girl from Yu-Won finds a wounded French Caporal. She helps him bury the body of an American soldier, he helps her find her brother’s dead body. She brings him back to the village.

The story of this North Korean Village is the story of people whose life/reality is changed by the outside.