In the Solitude of Cotton Fields

Play by Bernard Marie Koltes; directed by Marion Schoevaert, with Terrence Bae and Shaun O’Neil; choreographed by Stanislas Kemper; designed by Anna Kiraly; live music by Satoshi Takeiship.


A dealer and a client meet. In this business transaction, demand is a look, supply is a kick; the deal is illicit and the bargain is life itself.

We investigate the ten seconds of a fatal encounter between two men and blow it up to one hour. We zoom in on specific actions (What happened in the dark? Who made the first move? Who died?), and study the close ups as forensic evidence (the hand on the arm, the look, the spit, the jackets on the floor).

Video (10 min. sample) shot and edited by Irina Patkanian.