Children in Gold

One of several documentary poems by Irina Patkanian, shot by her and Gus Ford in October 2015 on Lesbos Island, Greece. Part of “Iphigenia Project” a hybrid (fiction/nonfiction) film/theater adaptation written by Lisa Schlesinger and filmed by Irina Patkanian.

On average 70 boats with 4,200 people came every day. After disembarking, children get wrapped up into silver and gold thermal blankets and we tensely watch how the golden foil, quite eerie at first, morphs into regal finery and turns these children of foreign lands into precious gifts to us all – wonderful, fabulous, completely undeserved, carrying the mystery of the future.

The refugee crisis is not easy to comprehend, analyze or solve. But it is also getting harder and harder to simply “see” what is happening in the time of sensory overload and media trumpeting. We hope, in the absence of voice over and explanation you may see something different, something simple and true.

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