Armenian Lullaby

Armenian Lullaby is a video poem based on the verse of my great-great-grandfather, Rafael Patkanian (1830-1892).Traditionally it’s considered a patriotic song: in the country that survived genocide,  Soviet regime and recent war with Azerbaijan, sons’ primary vocation has always been to become soldiers.  I dedicate my interpretation to the Mothers of soldiers.

Armenian Lullaby is selected for online exhibition, Imaging Ourselves, by International Museum of Women in Los Angeles, and awarded the 2007 Best of Middle East Award.

November 2007 Golden Lion Film Festival, South Africa
March 28, 2007 UNAFF Traveling Film Festival Waukesha
February 12, 2007 UNAFF Traveling Film Festival Berkeley, CA
January 26, 2007 7 Islands International Film Festival, Mumbay, India
September 22, 2006 UNAFF Traveling Film Festival New York
August 13, 2006 Globians Documentary film festival Potsdam, Germany
March 23, 2006 Silver Lake Short Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA
March, 2006 Human Rights Film Festival, St. John, Canada
February 18, 2006 Armenian Film Festival, San Francisco, CA
November 18, 2006 UNAFF Traveling Film Festival Boston, MA
November10, 2005 UNAFF Traveling Film Festival, Monterey, CA
October 21, 2005 UNAFF Stanford University, CA