adapted & directed by Marion Schoevaert, based on the novel “Le Colonel Des Zouaves” by Olivier Cadiot; music by Adam Silverman
with Steven Rattazzi and All Male Chorus (Mark Kaczmarczyk, Christopher Boggs, Dennis Blackwell, David Shane, Robert Hughes, Keith Broughton, Jonathan Grant, Masami Morimoto, Christopher McLamb, Roy Ben Moshe, Ari Rossen, Todd Elliott)

November 8-27, 2005 at 59E59 Theaters, New York, NY

A homeless man in the street of New York City transforms himself into a zealous butler, a spy, a colonel and a Master. He becomes prey to his own imagination and delusions, both hilarious and heart breaking: he invites himself for dinner and becomes an American Hero. This is the rise to power of a crazy man in a world gone mad.

A.W.O.L. is a hymn to class struggle, a mini-opera for loneliness, and a symphony of a military regiment. With All Male Chorus as the crowd of businessmen and Masters.

Video shot and edited by Irina Patkanian

    1. Sample of scenes 11.27 min.

    1. “God Bless you! God help Us!” Scene 2.21 min.

    1. “God said: Do it in Memory of Me.” Scene 1.25 min.