Help eighteen NYC public high school students go to Mozambique, where they will:


Create a multimedia arts installation with eighteen Mozambican art students

Experience Mozambique's rich history and
art in workshops led by renowned artists

View artist's life work against the backdrop of Mozambique's wars and dramatic reconstruction

Use varied media to "draw conclusions" about Mozambique, the legacy of the Cold War, and themselves

Mount their work at the Associação Núcleo de Arte in Maputo, and, we hope, at the UN headquarters in New York City

In preparation, all participating Beacon students will:


Raise money to cover airfare, on-the-ground expenses, and honoraria for artist guides in New York City and Maputo

Participate in a history seminar focused on Third World "hot zones" of the late Cold War

Write and orally defend a research paper on a topic central to the seminar

Create art in weekly workshops led by NYC artists working in a variety of media

Study Portuguese while watching films and reading novels set in Mozambique