current projects
Iphigenia Point Blank:
The Story of the First Refugee
film opera about a woman's experience of war
90 min.

immersive theatre experience fusing together documentary film, live music, theatre and dance. Excavated from Euripides’ Trojan war plays, Iphigenia emerges as a refugee of today's wars, from Iraq to Afghanistan to Syria, confronting the current refugee crisis, and demanding to change the ending of her own story. This is a requiem for those who drowned, a memorial for those left behind, a hymn to life for those who survive, and a call for justice for all people displaced and lost to war.

Layale Chaker as Iphigenia (Lebanon/France); play by Lisa Schlesinger (Greece/USA)
music by Kinan Azmeh (Syria/USA); film by Irina Patkanian (Russia/USA)
directed by Marion Schoevaert (France/USA); produced by Nilou Safinya (USA)

Showcase: November 1, 2018 University of Iowa
World premiere: New York, 2019
Children of the Revolution (2019)
Immersive Documentary feature
4 min. sampler
Produced by BMG/London, creative documentary celebrating 70th anniversary of Marc Bolan, lead singer/songwriter of T.Rex featuring Nick Cave, Lucinda Williams, Boy George, Joan Jett and many others. Co-directed with Ethan Silverman.
Somos Cuba (2015-2022)
Observational Documentary about regime change in Cuba
11 min. sampler
Somos Cuba is an observational documentary that follows three characters during the regime change in Cuba. Vladimir is a chef who has turned his living room into a restaurant while raising two teenage daughters as a single father. Ray is a construction worker by day and a bodyguard by night who still believes he lives in the revolution. Niko is an artist painting dilapidated buildings for sale to foreign tourists and compiling a collection of photographs of Havana’s “ladies of the night.” I will continue documenting their lives in January 2018 and 2021.