Final Project ideas

  • Louise and Jocelynne: Falconworks, Reg Flowers documentary –
    • Theater of the oppressed pedagogy;
    • Interviews –
    • Structure – make a “radio cut” – just the story first since that’s central and then think about the video
    • TODAY: radio cut
  • Dan: group portrait of the people in my life. It’s about me but I’m not in it. Music video
  • Naomi: Visual poem about community art works here, in my hometown, and in Mexico
  • Tamsin and Nina: fictional piece that is self reflexive about the documentary making process, e.g. emotional exploitation, storytelling techniques etc.
    • at idea stage: what is the point of documentary anyway? Want to complicate traditional practices of doc making
    • building on Prof. Juhasz’s manifesto, interested in production of truth, e.g. student life vs CUNY promotional videos
    • Structure: have a script;
    • HW: read Herzog, Minnesota declaration??
    • TODAY: write a script!
  • Mahalia: autobiographical doc about my cat’s day and how it parallels (or not) my day
    • have footage – yay!
    • need day footage, but have night footage
    • work on structure and story
    • two cats, both sides of personality – needs voiceover
    • TODAY: draft voiceover
  • Nick: poem about aunt
  • Ken: footage of view from my window  over  a year+
    • have all the footage – yay!
    • develop an arc, a story, a structure
    • GOAL: park as a living thing, time scale is different from that of the humans
      • keep as is;
      • structure by other elements beside time; breath, rhythm.
      • vary duration of shots; cross dissolve with people
      • richer audio, sweeten sound mix
  • Allison: pod 1 walking tour, footage of the LES and photos AND/OR more postcard style. split screen
    • location planning:
    • structure: nytime archive of what a place looked like then and now – something similar, but where.
      • Split-screen: past/present; photo/video; switch up the sides
    • Story: ??
    • TODAY: look up photos from archive; decide on locations; logic of selection (modern, prominent buildings and past) fort greene? Nytimes, every building on every


due April 12

Shoot a 30-60 seconds Doc Postcard. It should be uncut, with no text on screen, no graphics, music or special effects except if they are part of the scene you observe.

As any good postcard it should have some sort of revelation, not necessarily intellectual, could be emotional or visual: an insight, an emotional event, (something that changes the character), or a visual rhyme.

Post it on YouTube and then embedded in a post on the website, so we can see them all together quicker.  Check the following categories: Your Name and Doc Postcard.

The themes are: GRAVITY and/or POWER (but feel free to do your own theme)

After we come back from our shoot on location we’ll watch them.

Next class we will be shooting observational documentaries “on location” then reconvening in class at 11.30 in room 242 of the Library to look at footage and discuss Final Projects.

at 10:00AM

Group 1 (Seth)
Meet outside in front of library


Group 2 (Luca)
Meet at Prospects Park stop on Q train

Group 3 (Irina)
In front of Apple store 123 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217 (Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center station)

Group 4 (Mobina)
the bench next to DiFaras on the corner of E.15th street and Avenue J. It’s right near the Avenue J subway stop for the Q train and also accessible via the B6 or B11 bus.

Faculty, join us at any location, if you want.